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Key Features of the system

Easy-to-use, flexible, personalized system

When we built this system we made sure that it would be able to meet all your needs while remaining easy to use:

Control the number of leads you receive You can set a maximum amount that you wish to spend each month. This ensures that you don't get overloaded with referrals that you don't have the time to follow up with.
Know exactly how much value you are receiving from our system

Our detailed reports monitor and document your performance in our system. We also provide tips to help you optimize the number of high quality leads you are receiving.

Run your current practice as usual

While you may be creating new relationships using a new and powerful medium, the rest is business as usual. Only the initial contact is online.

Build a personalized profile

Showcase your skills, experience and qualifications with your own personalized profile web page. Also convey important information to potential clients regarding your values and mission statement.